ToMontenegro management named


The Montenegrin government has named the management team of the country’s new national carrier ToMontenegro. Predrag Todorović has been named as CEO. He previously worked at ProSky France, which specialises in VIP flights, and is the current Commercial Vice President of the French-based Citizen Plane. The government also selected five members of the airline’s Executive Board, among which is a former Montenegro Airlines pilot. “Over the span of their careers, the selected candidates have served in positions with great responsibilities. It is important to note that they come from different sectors and have different academic qualifications, which will be of great importance for the further development of the new national carrier”, the Montenegrin government said.


  1. Anonymous13:46

    Wow, they sure are working fast! Just shows how important it is for Crna Gora to have a national or leading airline.

  2. Anonymous13:47

    A consultant (from Latin: consultare "to deliberate") is a professional who provides expert advice
    Consultants for To Montenegro airlines
    Captain N.Pavicevic-Montenegro(Embraer 195 expert)
    Captain Stefanoski-Macedonia(Fokker 100 and MD95 expert)
    Captain N.Vucelic-Montenegro(Embraer 175 expert)
    Captain Sandra Butter-Switzerland(Helvetic Fokker 70 pilot and expert)
    Good luck for restarting Montenegro national flag carrier

    1. Anonymous15:38

      Captains make the worst businessmen.

    2. Anonymous17:31

      Absolutely true!
      The CEO has a good background with Citizen Plane but good luck with dealing with pilots for an efficient and competitively cost based operation...
      This airline needs fresh blood, not recycling management from YM

  3. Anonymous15:38

    Tragic, they should put this unfortunate business to rest.

  4. Anonymous00:20

    Sadly though, no one with any deep COMMERCIAL SCHEDULED PASSENGER airline experience .... with so many good people laid off in the past 6 mths, one would have expected them to get at least 1 or 2 people with hands on experience in having run or been involved with a well known airline

  5. Anonymous05:17

    Not sure how someone with experience of VIP flights and selling distressed seat inventory has the necessary know-how to lead a start up scheduled carrier and everything that goes with that .... this is a MASSIVE undertaking. Not even having any prior work experience in a network / scheduled carrier will put him well behind the eighth ball. Anyways, he obviously wanted the job since he applied for it ... good luck to him but if I was the govt, given the shitshow that happened with YM and the expectations that they have put in the new carrier, I would've gone for a safer bet and got more people involved with prior big brand passenger airline experience. As the above posted comment stated, there is a dearth of airline talent out there at the moment. If you were ever going to go to the market to recruit talent, now is the best time to do - there are SOOOO many good people out there to pick from.


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