Transavia delays Slovenia return


Transavia has again postponed its resumption of flights from Amsterdam to Ljubljana. Services were to resume in late March but have now been pushed back until late April. Once they restart, the low cost airline plans to operate three to four weekly flights. Currently, there are no services between the Slovenian capital and Amsterdam.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    Great, who needs a national carrier.


    1. Anonymous14:44

      From "You are strongly advised not to travel to the Netherlands unless it is strictly necessary."

      Yeah, I bet national carrier would have full aircraft every day.

    2. Anonymous14:48

      JP could operate at least two or three weekly with the CRJ.

    3. Anonymous14:53

      And who would travel on those flights? There is 10-day mandatory quarantine in the Netherlands, on top of being required to have negative PCR test to enter the country. Same thing when coming to Slovenia.

      Forget about any traveling until these restrictions are in force. The only difference the national carrier would make in these times is that it would burn tens of thousands of EUR per day.

    4. Anonymous14:56

      who then flies on BEG-EIN/AMS?

    5. Anonymous15:25

      KLM is flying daily to ZAG. I wonder how would that be possible

    6. Anonymous15:27

      now he's quite... and they have much more restrictive rules in place for NON-EU members. Those rules are only excuses for incompetent managers of Fraport

    7. Anonymous15:46

      AF-KLM also need a financial injection of about 5bn, after losing 7bn last year.

      Clearly they operate all these routes with profit, right?

    8. Anonymous15:51

      And who doesn't need injections?

    9. Anonymous15:59

      Slovenian national carrier :)

    10. Anonymous17:41

      Haha. Bravo @15:59
      Completely agree. It wasn't great that we loose our national carrier, but if we need to loose it, that it was just the perfect time. All this empty flights don't support local economy, turism... they are just a waste of taxpayers money.

    11. Anonymous15:48

      KLM is a money-making airline, reporting about €900 million profit over 2019. Air France is less profitable, with about €250 millioin profit over 2019 after years of losses and very minor profits. Nevertheless, you can't really draw any conclusions based on financial injections in times of crisis. Pretty much every remaining European airline is getting financial help from their government after several have gone bankrupt already. LCC's like Ryanair are exceptions, but they make money by not complying with normal work ethics, so there is no reason to praise them.

  2. Anonymous15:55

    Bravo Fraport!

  3. Anonymous16:03

    Good for JU ...keep on delaying!


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