Windrose to reinstate Skopje flights


Ukrainian carrier Windrose plans to reinstate flights between Kiev and Skopje after suspending the service in February just two months following the route's launch. Operations are expected to be restored on March 21. Flights are scheduled to operate just once per week throughout the summer with the Embraer 145 jet. Further scheduling changes remain possible.


  1. Anonymous11:21

    Bravo Makedonija!

  2. Anonymous12:06

    They're delusional.

    1. Anonymous13:23

      I think they are just experimenting. They are also going to launch PUY. Tbh, 1 weekly SKP-KBP is not really a big thing. I don't expect any demand simply because SKP is another category of airport.

  3. Anonymous13:35

    I really wonder where they see demand between SKP and KBP

  4. Ukraine has 41 million people so hopefully few thousand can visit in the spring and summer tourist season ! good luck


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