Wizz Air announces third new Split service


Wizz Air is continuing to expand its planned operations to Split with the budget carrier announcing new seasonal flights from Wroclaw. The one weekly service will commence on June 20 and operate each Sunday until September 12. Wizz Air previously announced new summer flights from Oslo and Gdansk to Croatia’s second largest city, complementing existing services from Dortmund, Katowice, London Luton and Warsaw. Further details for the new Wroclaw route can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:59

    Another European connection, another SPU addition. This is the ex-Yu airport number 1 when it comes to connectivites.
    Bravo Hrvatska!!

    1. Anonymous18:50

      A seasonal airport can never be #1 in connectivity lol

    2. Anonymous22:00


    3. Anonymous18:04

      I am from Split and I travel a lot, but only in winter, because I work in tourism. And whenever I want to fly I am condemned to 6.15am OU flight to ZG or 7.30am flight to MUC. That's it, as far as we talk about connectivity. Later 2 flights to ZG or 2.40pm OU flight to FRA brings me nowhere. However, it is true that from April to October you can fly to almost anywhere in Europe on direct flights, and we have countless possibilities for connectivity. But, again summer only. So, in no way is Split ex-yu number 1 when it comes to connectivity.

  2. Don't understand why they don't have flight Memmingen Split

  3. Anonymous09:12

    I think that they dont have a base in Memingen

  4. Anonymous10:08

    Poles seem to love Croatia!


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