Wizz Air introduces Covid insurance coverage


Wizz Air has announced it will offer passengers Covid-19 insurance coverage as part of its travel insurance package, which is available for purchase on its website through the airline’s partnership with insurance provider Chubb. Wizz Air customers can purchase travel insurance which now covers Covid-19 related cancellations and medical related expenses when travelling abroad. For example, if one contracts Covid-19 on their trip abroad and incurs extra costs to extend their stay, or medical expenses for treatment whilst sick, Wizz Air Travel Insurance will cover this (a maximum limit applies). The insurance also provides coverage if a passenger has to cancel the start of their journey as a result of contracting Covid. Wizz Air’s travel insurance also covers lost, stolen or damaged baggage as well as missed departure. Andras Rado, Wizz Air’s Senior Corporate Communications Manager, said, “At Wizz, we are committed to optimizing the travel experience, whether it is the booking process, on board service or offering added extras which make travel more convenient and seamless. With our updated travel insurance package, passengers can rest assured that they are prepared and covered in case of Covid-19 disruptions to their trip”.


  1. Anonymous15:04

    Always one step ahead of the game. Great job Wizz!

  2. Anonymous18:09

    ...getting customers to pay extra for things they don't need.

    1. Anonymous20:33

      This thing is optional, noone is forcing you to purchase it.

  3. Anonymous18:36

    I'd buy this.

  4. Anonymous23:21

    The small print of the policy needs reading carefully before purchasing.


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