Croatia Airlines to monitor competition in new deal


Croatia Airlines has selected RateGain to gather vital pricing insights and competitive intelligence data using its airfare price intelligence solution. “With Croatia emerging as popular among international tourists in the last decade and looking to expand its destination network after the pandemic, the pricing team at Croatia wanted to stay abreast with the changing market conditions and keeping a close watch on competition to be the first choice of every passenger traveling from or to Croatia”, RateGain said. The company will provide the team with a single screen, scalable visualisations to track market position easily, and personalisation to help get real-time insights. Commenting on the partnership, Krešimir Mlinar, Croatia Airlines’ Director for Network and Revenue Management, said, "To remain the airline of choice for all travellers in Croatia, we must have an accurate understanding of fares that are offered and available to customers across all digital platforms. AirGain, with its easy to use user interface gives us the required exhaustive and real-time insights about our market and competition thus helping us take data-backed decisions to boost profits and plan for growth".


  1. Anonymous10:40

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous10:42

    They did not have that??? OMG

    1. Anonymous12:20

      One of their major problems is informatization. It is not done very well so they are not so active on the market.

  3. Anonymous19:57

    Love this!

  4. Anonymous20:00

    To be the "airline of choice for all travellers in Croatia" (and let's forget about 'remaining the airline of choice'), you need to have the right NETWORK and SCHEDULE first. If you don't have that, then forget ambitions for anything else

  5. Anonymous23:39

    Bravo Hrvatska Bot is the best on this site


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