Ljubljana Airport to get solar power plant


Ljubljana Airport’s operator Fraport Slovenija has signed an agreement with Slovenian energy service provider Resalta to build a 500 kW photovoltaic powerplant on the rooftop of the airport’s main garage building. The 500 kW solar power plant will be fully installed in 2021, generating 500 MWh of electricity from renewable sources for direct on-site consumption at Jože Pučnik Airport. This will provide 10% of the airport’s electricity consumption, improving its sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions by 250 tons each year. So far, Resalta has completed about 260 energy projects for 180 clients.


  1. Anonymous12:34

    new building, eco investments, but there is no >>power long time strategy<< no connections, no traffic, no passengers, “excellent” work Fraport & Skobir. Everything indicates that the main target is: 0 traffic. “Good job”

    1. Anonymous15:06

      Well at least it will be the most eco friendly airport on the world :)

    2. Ingvarsson16:58

      Excellent news. This will most definitely boost the connectivity. Very much looking forward to all those flights to ME, US, all over Europe, Asia, etc., as promised. /sarcasm off

    3. Anonymous20:29

      Would be interesting to see when will they be at break even point for this investment.

      Possibly another long term investment.

  2. Anonymous20:45

    I seems like building of terminal and now solar cell thingy will be used to increase goodwill portion of balance sheet of the Airport.

    This may be also the reason why they are stating that this is a long term investment.

    Goals of doing this it to inflate the market worth of the company so they can:

    qualify for loan by staking assets
    show that they are solvent
    increase of airport sale price


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