LOT delays EX-YU flight resumption


LOT Polish Airlines has further delayed the resumption of its flights from Warsaw to Ljubljana, Skopje and Podgorica. Services to all three cities were initially to be restored on March 28. Flights to Ljubljana have now been postponed until April 29, to Skopje until June 1 and to Podgorica until June 2. At this point, the resumption of its Zagreb and Belgrade operations have remained unchanged. They are due to restart on March 28 and March 30 respectively. Further changes remain possible.


  1. Anonymous14:01

    Poor SKP, another cold shower following the steps of many airlines...

    1. Anonymous14:09

      Same as for LJU...

    2. Anonymous14:38

      @mr.notorious despite all the heavy trolling SKP is one of the better performing airports in ExYu . In Jan it had "only" -69% and even Feb was not worse then -71%. No need for false sentimentality.

    3. Anonymous14:40

      funny how he kept quiet about Podgorica lol

    4. Anonymous14:58

      @14:38 yes, but what will happen this summer with so many airlines delaying SKP? QR, FZ, W6 reduced many destinations and now LO. It will be a harsh summer for sure.

    5. Anonymous15:48

      Mr Notorious, of course it's easy to keep such 'good' numbers when you have one airline with 85% of the market that carries gastos.

    6. Anonymous16:06

      Somebody is envy?

    7. Anonymous16:21

      @14.58 better take care about your airport. -96% in Feb

    8. Anonymous17:07

      Why would somebody be envy? Of what?


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