Swiss reverses Ljubljana resumption plan


Swiss International Air Lines, which was to restore operations between Zurich and Ljubljana on March 28 after more than a year’s suspension, has reversed its decision and pushed back its relaunch date by over a month. Services are now due to resume on May 1 with the same schedule as previously planned. Further changes remain possible. Despite not operating any scheduled revenue flights to Slovenia since March 2020, Swiss has been granted 22.050 euros in subsidies by the Slovenian government for the upkeep of its Ljubljana route.


  1. Anonymous13:37

    Lol swiss got money for nothing. Bravo SLO govt.

  2. Anonymous13:46

    no surprises with the current gov

  3. Anonymous15:43

    Maybe Marshal Twito made them angry with a mean tweet.

    1. Anonymous08:25

      Well, thanks to Serpentinsek and Black Mamba we have to pay foreign airlines to fly to Slovenia. That is quite an achievement.

  4. Anonymous16:27

    This aged well:

  5. Anonymous17:20

    22.050 euros? ��
    That amount is a joke to an airline. Clearly no motivation to resume service especially when there are not enough passengers on the route to make it financially feasible.

    1. Anonymous10:02

      Indeed, that is maybe the cost of two roundtrips (at most three), so not much in the grand scheme of running an airline. Also, we should bear in mind that Swiss wetleases the capacity on this route, so they are paying money to an external company to fly and can't settle for only covering variable costs.


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