TUI Dreamliners to return to Pula


TUI Airways will once again utilise its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft to Pula this summer following a year-long hiatus. The wide-body aircraft will be used on the leisure airline’s flights from Manchester to the Croatian coastal city each Saturday from May 29 until October 9. A total of twenty flights are planed with the 345-seat aircraft, which features 63 seats in its Premium Club cabin and 282 in economy. TUI has used the jet on its Pula operations since 2018 but did not utilise the aircraft last year due to the pandemic. The airline has previously deployed the jet type to Dubrovnik as well, however, at this point, they have not been scheduled on services to the city this summer.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    Croatia is probably the only country in SE Europe to be able to serve widebodies in more than 1 airport.
    That said, them Dreamliners are returning to LCA and BOJ this summer too.
    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous10:52

      So Bulgaria too? Bravo България!

    2. Anonymous11:06

      Yup, BOJ was served by TUI UK Dreamliners for a couple of years from BHX and MAN. are also connecting 9 UK airports.
      They are expanding in Hrvatska as well!

    3. Anonymous11:12

      But that means that Hrvatska is not the only country in SE Europe to be able to serve widebodies in more than 1 airport

    4. Anonymous11:40

      Technically speaking, widebodies are operated in ZAG, SPU, DBV, PUY which is quite a lot.

    5. Anonymous11:40

      Greece ain't SE Europe?

    6. Anonymous12:24

      Can't think of another airport in Greece except ATH that his serving wide bodies.

    7. Anonymous12:39

      Im pretty certain RHO gets widebodies and HER if im not mistaken

    8. Anonymous16:33

      IL76 body is quite wide. INI sometimes gets IL76 and that makes Serbia with two airports.

    9. Anonymous16:52

      counting wide-body aircrafts shows how small markets actually are lol imagine guys from london saying that #facepalm

    10. Anonymous16:55

      Yeah, we're going to compare with guys from London now #facepalm


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