Tuzla Airport begins atrium project


Tuzla Airport has commenced work on the construction of a 600 square metre atrium (pictured) in front of its terminal building following a two year delay. The facility will house offices for rent-a-car agencies and tour operators, as well as shops. Construction is expected to take sixteen months, while the project is valued at 870.000 euros. In 2019, Tuzla Airport completed the overhaul of its terminal building. It handled 20.821 passengers during the first two months of the year, representing a decrease of 71%.


  1. Anonymous14:26


  2. Anonymous16:35

    Tuzla also yesterday got 500,000 BAM from the Federal government to reconstruct and expand the parking, so it will look really nice when all that is done :)

  3. Anonymous18:09

    TZL svaki dan sve vise obustava Wizz air letova ima...

    1. Anonymous03:49

      Ne razumem. Jel obustava, ili Wizz ima letova?

    2. Anonymous19:40

      Od 15 destinacija,5 je obustavljeno,

    3. Anonymous19:43

      Od 15 destinacija,5 je obustavljeno do Maja.
      Te obustave,se produzavaju iz mjeseca u mjesec od Januara....


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