Windrose plans new Croatia routes


Ukraine’s Windrose Airlines plans to commence services from Kiev to both Split and Pula this coming summer season. It comes following the introduction of flights from the Ukrainian capital to Zagreb last year. Seasonal operations to Split will begin on June 5 and run up to three times per week, while three weekly rotations to Pula will be inaugurated on June 12. Both routes will be maintained until September 25. Tickets are yet to be put on sale.


  1. Anonymous13:40

    Windrose already cancelled one flight to ZAG in march. Hopefully this is not a new trend.

  2. Anonymous14:14

    Good news. On a different note, I cannot resist commenting on how ugly the windorose livery is

  3. Anonymous14:16

    The Ukraine-Balkana specialist. Welcome to HR!

  4. Balkan routes seems to be working well for Windrose. Last week BEG-KBP and KBP-BEG were sold out.

    1. Anonymous14:34

      Oddly enough, they failed in OTP but had better success in SOF. but will face competition with FB and FR who also will operate flights to KBP.
      The next logical Balkan destination can be OHD, BWK, ZAD, BOJ and even INI.

    2. Anonymous14:40

      TIA probably

    3. Among Ukrainians Bulgaria is super popular for the seaside and mountain tourism. Many of Ukrainians have also bought property there. There are much less connections with Romania...

    4. SkyUp has already direct flight to TIA from KBP. My guess is the coastal airports of Croatia and Bulgaria.

    5. Anonymous14:47

      Well, demand is really big, Kyiv was the 7th busiest route from TIA last year. They are also launching Lviv and Zaporizhia, without mentioning charters from UIA and Jonika. Windrose would bring good competition

    6. Anonymous14:53

      KBP, didn't Windrose operate to BOJ last year? They are are being aggressively competed by SkyUp it seems. Croatian coast is likely the next battlefield.

    7. Anonymous14:54

      These guys have the right plane for Ukraine-Yugoslavia market. JU's and OU's A319s are too big while Q400/ATR are too slow.

    8. Anonymous14:56

      You mean the ERJ-145? They will retire it soon.


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