Wizz Air considering new Sarajevo service


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Martina Mlinarević Sopta, has initiated talks with low cost carrier Wizz Air over the introduction of flights between Sarajevo and Prague. “We have commenced negotiations with executives from Wizz Air, in relation to their new base in Sarajevo. It would be my pleasure if these talks are concluded successfully, to the satisfaction of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic, their economies and tourism, as well as the diaspora that lives works and studies here”, Ms Mlinarević Sopta said. Wizz Air will open a base in Sarajevo this May by stationing an aircraft in the city and launching nine routes. The General Manager of Sarajevo Airport said, “Once conditions are normalised or once the necessary preconditions are met, Wizz Air will base a second and maybe even a third aircraft”. Some 6.120 passengers flew indirectly between Sarajevo and Prague in 2019.


  1. Anonymous10:53

    Amazing how SJJ suddenly opened up to the world. I'm pretty sure W6 would most likely base a second A320 and launch more routes and add to the existing ones.
    Good job, SJJ!

  2. Anonymous10:57

    Wizz Air failed miserably in Prague so I guess they'll be asking for healthy subsidies to launch this route.

  3. Anonymous14:33

    Great news! I think, this route twice a week would be a success.

  4. Anonymous15:31

    before getting exotic destinations like PRG SJJ will need to prove first with diaspora flights. ExYu ambassadors can talk as much as they want...

    Wizz has only 4 routes from Prague.


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