Zagreb Airport handles under 32.000 passengers


Zagreb Airport saw its February figures decline 82.9% to 31.534 passengers. During the month, the airport registered 1.249 aircraft movements, down 58.3%. Croatia Airlines had the largest share of traffic, standing at over 72%, followed by KLM and Trade Air. Capacity-wise, Croatia Airlines was also the largest, followed by Turkish Airlines and KLM. Over the first two months of the year, Zagreb Airport handled 69.597 travellers, down 82%.

Month PAX Change (%)
JAN 38.063 81.2
FEB 31.534  82.9

Zagreb Airport flight share in February

Zagreb Airport capacity share in February


  1. Anonymous14:35

    If JU had 1.9% share in capacity but 2.5% share in passenger numbers then does it mean loads were rather good?

    1. Anonymous15:15

      If Trade Air had 6.7% share in capacity but only 1.5% share in passenger numbers does it mean Trade Air's loads were much worse?

    2. Anonymous15:22

      there are no pax numbers in the article, what are you both on about?

  2. Anonymous15:00

    So basically the AF/KL Group is the dominant player in ZAG.

    1. Anonymous15:23

      no its star aliance

  3. Anonymous21:19

    Strange. PRN had 230k passengers in Jan/Feb.
    I'd expect Zagreb to have at least 300k in the first couple of months.


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