Ljubljana Airport figures decline over 90% in Q1


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport handled 18.364 passengers during the first quarter of the year, representing a decrease of 90.4% on the same period in 2020. It was outperformed by the likes of Sarajevo and Tuzla, which in normal circumstances have lower volumes of traffic. However, there has been some signs of early recovery in sight with figures in March declining at a lower rate of 78.3%. A total of 7.907 passengers were handled during the month. The number of aircraft movements in March improved 13.6% to 1.220.

Month PAX Change (%)
JAN 4.923 93.5
FEB 5.534  93.1
MAR 7.907  78.3


  1. Anonymous10:35

    Disaster for LJU, and bravo SJJ and TZL!

  2. Anonymous10:38

    Omg, Tuzla has twice more passengers than Ljubljana, lol...

  3. Anonymous11:31

    Well the market sortet it self out ;)

    1. Anonymous11:34

      Hard to expect people will travel when they weren't allowed to even leave their municipality/region.

    2. Anonymous11:42

      And only Slovenia was suffering from these restrictions

    3. Anonymous12:57

      Well.. yes. Travel and movement restrictions in Slovenia were much much tougher than in other ex-yu countries throughout Q1.

    4. Anonymous13:32

      Meanwhile other ex-yu countries apart from Croatia couldn't even enter EU even if they wanted to. Even today....

    5. So daily flights with no smaller aircrafts than A320 than flying from Ex-Yu to EU obvisly empty.

    6. Anonymous16:39

      As a business traveler, restrictions have been milder.
      But traffic went to Austria and Croatia.

  4. Anonymous17:51

    Fraport Slovenia management team is focused on long term. Because of this Brnik will have higher pax count then Beograd in 10 years time :)

    Go management GO

    1. Anonymous18:02

      I'll make a screenshot of this comment to save it in the calendar. 15apr every year for the next 10 years. Also, it would be funny to bet on your prediction, too bad it's anonymous.

    2. Anonymous19:11

      The only thing they are focused on are their salaries. In the next 10 years even OMO will have more passengers than LJU.

    3. Anonymous20:05

      Lets see will there be a positive development as described in post at 18:02 or will it fall all to pieces as described in post 1 9:11

      I hope for and support the first option :)

  5. Anonymous11:03

    Good job Mr.Skobir, good job. Well done!!!!!


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