Ljubljana Airport’s new terminal ready by July

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has confirmed its new terminal building will open this July, with construction entering its final phase. Work on the new facility was approximately half complete when the coronavirus epidemic struck and has remained on schedule since. Although the existing terminal would most likely suffice in terms of space and capacity amid the current low levels of traffic, the senior management of operator Fraport Slovenija took the decision, together with its parent company, to press on with the project. “The age of the old passenger terminal building makes it difficult to keep up with new standards required for the arrival and departure of passengers. The project is a strategic investment and is key to the airport’s long-term development. The company also sees the new terminal as a long-term investment, which will help it recover more quickly from the current situation”, Fraport Slovenija said. More on the project can be found here.


  1. Anonymous16:35

    Phew! Good thing it'll be ready by July

  2. Anonymous17:34

    I know... Lol

    But who would have thought this pandemic would drag on into 2021...

  3. Haters hate it. No surprises here. LJU will have capacity & quality and in due time shall profit from that. Good job Fraport

    1. Anonymous22:59

      Good job Fraport? Lol you must be joking

    2. Anonymous23:47

      SLO AIR... ������

  4. Anonymous09:15

    Nice. Within the set timeline despite the fact that working conditions in the last 12+ month were not "normal".

    Modern sleek design and better working conditions for employees. Cant't wait to check-in & fly away from LJU.


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