PHOTOS: Luxair touches down in Podgorica


Luxembourg’s national carrier Luxair launched scheduled flights between the Grand Duchy and Podgorica yesterday. The Montenegrin diaspora is the largest in Luxembourg out of the former Yugoslav republics, counting some 9.065 people. “We saw how important this service is to our diaspora and how emotional they were upon arrival. We truly believe this is one of the best decisions we have made in the last couple of years, both because of our people, but also because it is no small feat being connected with the heart of Europe”, the General Manager of operator Airports of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, said. Luxair’s Executive Vice President for Tour Operating & Sales, Alberto Kunkel, noted, “With Luxembourg being located at the heart of Europe, this direct connection between Luxembourg and Montenegro will bring new opportunities for both countries. This connectivity will allow the expatriate community settled in Luxembourg to travel back to its home country, the travellers from Luxembourg and the greater region to discover beautiful Montenegro, and the Balkan community to travel to Luxembourg and the surroundings, including France, Germany and Belgium”.

Luxair will operate two weekly flights to Podgorica with its 76-seat Dash 8 Q400 turboprop. It will commence a one weekly seasonal service to Tivat on May 15 with its 141-seat Boeing 737-700 jet. Services to Tivat are being targeted at leisure travellers. Mr Kunkel said, “We have been thinking about these flights for the last couple of years because Montenegro is a fantastic holiday destination. Therefore, we are not only relying on local communities that would like to visit their homeland, but tourism potential as well”. Luxair is selling Tivat as a holiday destination through its tour operator arm. Prices start from 450 euros per person for a week and include airfare, hotel, transfers and breakfast. Eleven hotels ranging from three to five stars have been included in the offer.

The main initiator of the new flights is the Cultural Informative Center of Montenegro in Luxembourg. The organisation's President, Fetija Kalač, previously said, “Due to great interest expressed by the Montenegrin diaspora in Luxembourg and the large number of flights having to be taken from neighbouring countries, the Cultural Informative Center of Montenegro in Luxembourg contacted the national carrier of the Grand Duchy and initiated cooperation with the aim for nonstop flights to be launched between Luxembourg and Montenegro. We later included operator Airports of Montenegro in the talks, considering this area is within their scope of expertise. Despite delays due to the epidemiological situation in Montenegro, this service is being implemented at the right time. This is a big step forward for our diaspora, but also towards the strengthening of interstate cooperation between these two countries”. Ms Kalač added, “Flight time will be slashed thanks to this new service and we will be able to visit our homeland much easier and faster, at very reasonable prices”.


  1. Anonymous14:37

    They need to come to SKP!

    1. Anonymous16:52

      What for if the airport cannot sustain flights to CDG or AMS, let alone LUX.
      Better stick to the German tertiary destinations

  2. Anonymous15:56

    If having 9,000 people in the diaspora warrants 2 direct weekly flights between two tiny markets then there should be flights from the ex-Yugoslavia to most cities in Europe.

    1. Anonymous13:13

      There are more reasons. Montenegro attracts international business people with low taxes while Luxembourg attracts international businesses with low taxes. That should probably generate some business travel between the two countries.


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