Serbia and Bahrain seek air service


Serbia and Bahrain will discuss the introduction of flights between Belgrade and Manama in the coming period, following the visit of Serbia’s President to Bahrain last month and the visit of Bahrain’s Crown Prince to Serbia last week. The two countries have significantly improved ties this year with a range of joint initiatives to be launched in the coming months, including the opening of diplomatic missions in each other’s countries. “The launch of a nonstop service between Belgrade and Manama would significantly improve tourism and business ties so we are working on it”, the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić, said. Bahrain was Belgrade Airport’s fifth busiest unserved route in the Middle East during the pre-pandemic year of 2019 with over 2.500 passengers flying indirectly between the two cities on a single itinerary.


  1. Anonymous11:53

    That's 4 passengers per day on average or 28 per week. Not enough demand for flights but if they promote tourism and transfers then it could work. GF could offer some connections as well.

    1. Anonymous12:20

      I doubt there were more passengers between Beirut and Belgrade when they started it first. Tourist (nonstop flight + promotion) and transfers would be the key.

    2. You are thinking one sided, if the passenger demand between bahrain and Serbia crosses 2,000 then considering transfers of gulf air flights from different destinations them the number could sky rocket imo.

  2. I think Manama is Belgrade's busiest unserved route in Bahrain!

  3. Anonymous17:55

    Biggest unserved market there without doubt is Saudi Arabia with 30 million people .
    Abolition of visas should be something to consider .
    People in SA also are more modern and liberal han you would think .
    They love to travel and feel the freedom they sorely miss in their home country .

    1. Anonymous18:31

      At least they're not sitting under lockdown.

  4. Anonymous20:27

    I dont know what Vucic and the Bahrain government talked about .
    Fact is Serbian citizen need visa for there and thus travelling there makes no sense whatsoever .
    And thus talk about starting flights is useless .

  5. Anonymous23:46

    Stunning livery, omg!

  6. Oh great news. Bahrain is on everyone's bucket list here in Serbia. Now people wont have to drive there, lol.


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