Tunisair shelves planned Ljubljana, Zagreb flights


Tunsair has removed planned new regular charter flights from Monastir to Ljubljana and Zagreb, as well as from Djerba to the Slovenian capital. Services were to run once per week from early June until early October. Within the region, Tunsiair continues to maintain scheduled operations from Tunis to Belgrade. Tunisia recently lifted most entry requirements for foreign nationals.


  1. Anonymous13:59


  2. Anonymous14:06

    Perfect opportunity for FR to launch ZAG-TUN.

    1. Anonymous16:19

      I don't know what the air services agreement between Croatia and Tunisia looks like, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't allow an Irish, Austrian or Maltese airline to fly between the two countries.

      Note that Ryanair doesn't serve Tunisia from anywhere.

  3. Anonymous15:33

    Guys, there is a reason why FR decided to launch ZAG in September. They know there won't be much of a market before then. TU suspending flights is a perfect indication of that.

    1. Anonymous15:50

      TU suspending 1x weekly charter flights means there won't be a market in the summer and there will be a market after September?

    2. Anonymous16:02

      You are right, TU suspended flights because they were sold out. Don't forget that LH also terminated MUC-ZAG over the summer. FR also skipped the summer.

      I don't know man but I'm seeing a pattern here. :/

    3. Anonymous16:35

      Yes, and right after summer it will all be back to normal


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