Air Montenegro’s first jet prepares for take off


Air Montenegro’s first aircraft, the Embraer E195 formerly operated by Montenegro Airlines, has made its first flight since mid-December, leaving Podgorica for the Slovak capital of Bratislava. The jet, registered 4O-AOA, is expected to undergo preparations for entry into service and is likely to be painted in the airline’s new livery, which is yet to be revealed to the public. According to the Montenegrin Minister for Capital Investment, Mladen Bojanić, the country’s new national carrier is expected to commence operations in June, with its first destination being Belgrade from both Podgorica and Tivat.


  1. Good luck Air Montenegro!

  2. Anonymous14:43

    I can't believe how quickly this process went through! It was just a matter of a couple of months and the new airline will be reality. Hoping Slovenia can learn from this.

  3. I hope the aircraft has been aproved as "fit to fly" :-D

  4. Anonymous16:53

    It would be great if they would just switch to elegant red instead of blue and drop the itallic font. Perhaps, put golden accents if needed, but discreetly.

    I like the falcon and I like the font. Somehow, I doubt this would be the solution.

    BR, Eight

  5. Anonymous19:18

    How are either of those aircraft able to fly following their grounding at end of April for maintenance/safely violations?

    1. Anonymous19:20

      Plane is already in Bratislava. I guess the info provided in that link is wrong.

  6. Anonymous07:54

    I hope they will open TIV - BNX for summer period


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