PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport construction update


Work at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport continues to advance with progress being made on the newly expanded part of the C concourse, the construction of the new control tower, as well as work on the expansion and adaptation of the A concourse with the new gallery floor being added. You can review the entire Belgrade Airport modernisation and expansion masterplan here.

C concourse expansion

Control tower

A concourse gate expansion new floor addition

C concourse new retail areas


  1. Anonymous11:06

    AMAZING! Huge progress. Can't wait to travel to BEG.

    1. Anonymous14:55

      If you want to experience all the renovations and expansion you may want to schedule your trip for 2030. Projects will be finished by then.

    2. Anonymous15:00

      Anon 14.55 don't be so malicious. Maybe whole project will be finished by 2030, but even today you may see the change happening. Or you think the photos you see in the updates every month are not real?!
      Sometimes it's wiser to say nothing, try to be wise!

    3. Anonymous15:15

      Change is visible and progress is impressive. Masterplan says Phase two will be finished by 2030:

    4. Anonymous18:41

      Belgrade transit passenger experience captured on video 30 years ago in the same space currently called Tesla Square. Please note there were JU flights to New York, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto:

      Fundamentally similar experience as today. Transit passengers will have endure it until 2030.

    5. Anonymous18:42

      Please give it a break. I can guarantee you have not been at the airport at least for 30 years (if ever) and have no clue what it looks like and neither do you have any idea what's being constructed at the moment.

    6. Anonymous19:14

      take it easy bro.

  2. Anonymous12:48

    Looks good

  3. Anonymous12:54

    Good thing is that JU is boosting flights so BEG will become busier soon.

  4. Anonymous14:42

    So amazing that 4 days in a row they can't fix the online flight boards, probably the IT guy is on days off due to Easter holidays or they don't want to pay him overtime. That is how great Vinci AB is !

    1. Anonymous15:01

      I agree that this should not happen, but let's avoid passive agression and express criticism in a constructive way.

    2. Anonymous17:22

      Ok. It is such a shame that the good people at Vinci have not been able to repair the online flight boards for four days. They must be terribly busy with all the other works going on at BEG. I love all the investment at BEG, and it will look great when complete, but please get the boards fixed. How's dat?

    3. Anonymous18:05

      The guy is right !
      No timetable on the airports website for days is really not making a good impression .

      Incompetence at its worst .

    4. Anonymous18:46

      They give you an alternative to check the timetable on the website. If you go to the airport website every single day, it is a sure sign you need a life.

    5. Anonymous20:30

      Such a lazy excuse .
      The whole reason for an airport website to exist is that customers can see arrival and departure times and if flights are cancelled .
      Thats simpy the most basic thing in aviation .

    6. Anonymous20:31

      Stop trolling and turning an article about construction and airport expansion into something about a technicality on the website. Just for the sake of spitting.

    7. Anonymous21:53

      Since the anon is pushing this topic, I have to ask - who the heck checks the arrival/departures board on the website? If you are flying, you have up-to-date info from the airline and everyone else have FR24 and other websites. Even my elderly parents use FR24 to check "where I am" :)

    8. Anonymous00:31

      Very important fact :

      Charter flights are only visible on the Belgrade airport page, FR24 never shows them ..

    9. Anonymous08:32

      I think aviation fans all over the world check airport websites to see what flights will operate that day. Nothing unusual about it.


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