Ryanair adds more Zagreb routes


Low cost carrier Ryanair, which will open a base in Zagreb this September, will add another two routes to its original line-up of twelve destinations from the Croatian capital. The carrier will commence flights from Zagreb to Malmo and Weeze starting September 4, with two weekly rotations planned on both routes. Services will be maintained by subsidiary Lauda Europe and its Airbus A320 aircraft. Tickets are already on sale. Further flight details for the Malmo service can be found here, while additional information for the Weeze flights can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    MMX is a direct attack on OU at CPH.

  2. Anonymous11:33

    Ryanair will be bankrupt by the Winter!

    1. Anonymous12:24


    2. Anonymous13:51

      Uhmmm, no .
      Winter is time to die for Uhljeb Airlines ...

    3. Anonymous15:06

      "Swiss International Air Lines (Swiss) is cutting hundreds of jobs and downsizing its fleets as the company struggles to weather the disruption of Covid-19."

      Are they also Uhljeb Airlines?

      Buddy, time to get on meds and read a little bit...

      Let me help you, the whole world of aviation is struggling, Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines etc. are completely dependent on State aid, they are defacto bankrupt without them, so please kindly refrain from emotional bursts, use facts.

    4. Anonymous16:58

      Are you seriously drawing parallels between OU and LX? LX was profitable before covid so there is a point in trying to save them. What's the point of saving OU? So that it can keep on recording losses once the crisis is over?

    5. Anonymous18:03

      You can write as much hateful and arrogant comments about OU as you want .
      But at the end of the day you are just a malicious troll .

    6. The only troll here is you, OU HDZ uhljeb

    7. Anonymous22:21

      Pozdrav, they can't, they are in crisis mode now because reality is about to hit them.

  3. Anonymous11:34

    14 new FR routes from ZAG and this is only just the beginning! It will be too late for W6 to join the game buuut, you never know!

  4. Anonymous12:40

    And OU will compete with them with Q400 lol

    1. Anonymous14:19

      Will be interesting to see what they do with CPH. I don't think they can compete with Q400 to CPH like that. Their fares are also not low so I guess they will cut them in half like they did with BRU/CRL.

    2. Anonymous17:35

      Yes, with Q400. Types of planes are chosen by demand, not by someone else's taste or fancy.

    3. Anonymous19:40

      I think what the Anon at 12:40 meant to say is that FR B738 has a much lower cost per seat/km than OU Q400.

    4. Anonymous20:26

      They have no problem to compete. CPH is a transfer airport. SK is member of Star Alliance, just like OU. FR doesn't have that advantage. MMX is also much further away from Copenhagen and involves extra costs to travel between the airport and the city. And it won't be helpful that you need to take in to account two national Covid-19 regimes if you fly to Sweden and want to go to Denmark from there. FR is not really a danger to OU there.

    5. Anonymous22:23

      ZAG is not a big market, how many transfers are there to dilute them to VIE, MUC, FRA, CPH...?OU already sends the Q400 so there can't be that many for SK.
      Also there are A LOT of Croats in Malmo alone and most of them had to fly from CPH in the past. There is a reason why MMX is such a popular Balkan gasto central. ZAG wil be the same.

    6. Anonymous08:18

      MMX further from Copenhagen??? By how much? 20 km? 40 km? Thats what...20 minutes by great swedish/danish public transportation?
      People, lets be real, Ryan came to Zagreb to mop a floor with Croatia Airlines in the fastest possible manner!
      Winter is coming. If Croatia survives this winter without additional bailout, next year is the last year.
      But lets see. Ryan started with promotional fares of 5 EUR per ticket, and they can keep that price until Croatia is dead.
      They are the biggest and the most ruthless air company in Europe. They can keep 5 EUR ticket on all 14 routes until Croatia is long history.
      After that, watch out JU

    7. Anonymous08:28

      Actually the train that goes to CPH continues to Malmo so you can board it from the Copenhagen central station. Very convenient. Costs a bit more to cross into Sweden but MMX usually has low fares so it compensates.

      FR moved ZAG-CIA to July. Let's see what OU does with FCO via SPU.

  5. Anonymous16:43

    I love the unnecessary rudeness on these comments. Chill boys it is only planes...

    1. Anonymous16:59

      We are having a discussion based on facts. If you don't like it take your condescending attitude elsewhere.


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