United ups Dubrovnik frequencies


United Airlines has increased frequencies for its planned new Newark - Dubrovnik service, which is due to commence on July 8. The carrier has increased the number of weekly flights from three to four, with a new departure added on Friday afternoon departing Newark and Saturday morning leaving Dubrovnik. As a result, United has now matched the number of frequencies offered by Delta, which will launch services between New York JFK and Dubrovnik on July 2. Further details for United’s revised Dubrovnik service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous13:48

    Harsh competition! I suppose there is huge demand. Congratulations DBV!!!

    1. Vlad14:47

      Yep, DBV will profit hugely from EU's reluctance/slowness in approving travel from the US. Should be a record season in terms of American travellers.

    2. Anonymous19:25

      This doesn't say much about the demand. But it does say all about competition. United was first with the route. Delta attacked them. And now United reacts. It's all about claiming market share from the existing demand. It does not mean that demand has increased. There's probably going to be overcapacity now and if any of both airlines won't have enough market share, they'll quit and the remaining airline will have all the demand for itself. That's how it works.

  2. Anonymous15:12

    8 weekly, not bad at all!

  3. Anonymous13:18

    The new service begins on 1 July, one week ahead du to strong bookings.


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