Aer Lingus cancels most Croatia flights


Aer Lingus has cancelled planned flights to multiple European markets for the remainder of the summer, among which is Croatia, blaming a lack of demand. The airline has suspended ticket sales for its seasonal services from Dublin to Pula and Split, as well as from Cork to Dubrovnik. However, the carrier will maintain operations between Dublin and Dubrovnik, which will run from July 3 until the end of the 2021 summer season on October 30. Ireland is one of the most affected aviation markets in Europe this year, with recovery also being amongst the slowest on the continent.


  1. Anonymous11:44

    This is unfortunate. Hopefully the coast recovers this summer.

    1. Anonymous20:11

      Coast is recovering fast, not sure about air travel as much as other forms. 70% of Tourist arrivals expected this year if all goes well, in 2019 Croatia had 20.7 million visitors, so 14.5 million visitors this year should be astonishing result.

    2. Anonymous02:45

      Bahahaha 70% na kojim si ti drogama sinko. Adventa u ZG nije bilo, Britanci jos ne mogu kod nas kao i Skandinavci, Cesi i Slovaci isto imaju karantenu za povratak iz HR, imas kovid testiranja i sl. koji nisu postojali prosle godine, Azijati nece doci niti jedan...

  2. Anonymous20:01

    Hope it gets the better the situation as there are many flight enthusiasts who can't wait any longer...

  3. Miroslav22:01

    Aer Lingus is trash, these guys have some of the worst customer service. I had a flight booked with them from ORD-DBV with stop over in Dublin, guess what, they cancelled it. Flight is scheduled to depart on July 6th, the Chicago to Dublin flight is still scheduled, however they cancelled Dublin to Dubrovnik. So this article is incorrect, they just say "due to COVID", yea okay cancel ORD too then. They are cancelling due to demand, how is that good for customer service?


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