Aeroflot schedules new Belgrade service


Russia’s national carrier Aeroflot has scheduled flights between St Petersburg and Belgrade. As previously reported, the airline applied and received approval to launch up to seven weekly rotations between the two cities. Initially, the carrier will operate one weekly flight in line with frequency caps currently in place for services between Russia and Serbia. Operations will be maintained each Tuesday, starting June 22, with the Airbus A320-family aircraft. Tickets are now on sale through the airline’s website. Flights between Russia’s second largest city and Belgrade are currently run by Air Serbia, while Nordwind Airlines begins operations on the route this Wednesday. Further details for Aeroflot’s new service can be found here.


  1. Aeroflot has quite a few aircraft sitting around doing nothing. Their expansion in ex Yu is quite formidable.

  2. Anonymous13:34

    Three airlines will operate on this route.

  3. Anonymous13:39

    I guess that flight is year round?

  4. Anonymous14:05

    Crazy demand!

  5. Anonymous14:31

    They are preventing Wizz from starting this route. Before pandemic they got rights to establish a base there.


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