Air Serbia to deploy A330 to Podgorica


Air Serbia will utilise its flagship Airbus A330-200 aircraft on the fifty-minute journey between Belgrade and Podgorica for a second time this month. The carrier will deploy the 257-seat jet on the afternoon service between the two cities on Sunday June 27. It previously utilised the jet on the route on June 6, carrying a full load of passengers to the Montenegrin capital. A review of the flight is available here.


  1. Anonymous11:55

    So finally CG also gets its widebody flights !
    : ) ; ) ; D ; P

    1. Anonymous12:12

      Would be cool if they keep these on a weekly basis. Could be a good PR stunt for the airline.

    2. Anonymous12:13

      As you can see it's not so much about PR. It's about actual demand.

    3. Anonymous13:03

      Judging by the previous trip report, the economy class was fully booked. I wonder how much did the airplane type impact demand on that route or in other words how many passengers were flying just because of A330, 'cause there was an ATR flight the same day

  2. Anonymous13:45

    And ticket price are sky high as Russians are unable to fly direct flights to MNE :)

  3. Anonymous22:11

    On 27 June no A330 BEG-TGD is planned: Morning flight wit ATR, afternoon flight with A319 and evening with ATR. This is the actual information from the reservation system:
    1 JU 170 Y7 B7 H7 K7 M7 Q2 L0 /BEG 2 TGD 0655 0755 E0/AT7 1:00
    V0 U0 E0 T0 P0 R0 O0 Z0 G0 S0
    2 JU 172 J0 C0 D0 W0 I0 X0 Y0 /BEG 2 TGD 1345 1435 E0/319 0:50
    B0 H0 K0 M0 Q0 L0 V0 U0 E0 T0 P0 R0 O0 Z0 G0 N0 S0
    3 JU 174 Y7 B5 H3 K1 M0 Q0 L0 /BEG 2 TGD 2030 2130 E0/AT7

    1. Anonymous22:19

      Wait for it. Don't you see that JU172 is zeroed out. It will be the A330.

    2. Anonymous22:19

      And it was actually displaying A330 all day on their website.

    3. Anonymous23:22

      Today their website shows for JU 172 the A319 on 27 June.

  4. Does anyone know what is CitizenPlane 103 airline ? It shows up on searches on 27.06.21 BEG-TGD OW.


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