Banja Luka Airport expects Middle East flights


Banja Luka Airport has said that a number of new destinations will be introduced in the coming period as it welcomed the arrival of Wizz Air’s inaugural service. According to the airport’s General Manager, Milan Račić, flights to the Middle East are expected to be launched, without elaborating further. Wizz Air’s first of five new routes from Banja Luka Airport commenced yesterday. Today also sees Ryanair restore its first of seven destinations to the city, while Air Montenegro will launch operations from Tivat to Banja Luka towards the end of the month.


  1. Anonymous13:33

    BNX has great potential! In the Middle East, I only see Dubai as an option.

  2. I think it's more likely to be Wizz from Abu Dhabi. But let's wait and see. Good news anyhow

  3. Anonymous14:32

    Will JU do charters from BNX like 2 summers ago?

  4. Anonymous15:02

    Maybe it is Pegasus?

    1. Anonymous19:15

      I don't think they consider SAW as a middle eastern destination. These are probably Egypt charters.

    2. Anonymous23:49

      Sounds likely.

  5. Vlad01:17

    Egypt is not Middle East, is it?


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