LOT to launch third new route from Rijeka


LOT Polish Airlines will introduce seasonal flights from Zielona Gora in western Poland to Rijeka from July 4, its third new route to the coastal Croatian city, joining the previously announced Szczecin and Olsztyn, as well as complementing existing operations from Warsaw. Services from Zielona Gora to Rijeka will run once per week, each Sunday, with the Dash 8 Q400 turboprop. Further details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:10

    83 thousend seats to Croatia by LO this summer season. A record of >1 million Polish tourists in 2019 may be beaten this year.

  2. Anonymous15:24

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous17:14

    Croatia has many interesting routes, unfortunately very few are year around and couple are there for Croatians. It's good for country economy, but does not offer anything special for the people.

    1. Anonymous00:47

      Zielona Gora, Szczecin and Olsztyn are very special destinations for Croatian people too!
      These are fantastic direct flights to escape the summer furnace in the south for a few days or more.
      For example the Masurian Lake district in summer have a decent climate, calm relaxed atmosphere and many attractions ... best change you can do from hot touristy coastal Croatia.

    2. Anonymous08:07

      I can guarantee there isn't a single person from Croatia using these flights.

    3. Anonymous08:49

      Last anon +1

      Look at flightradar24 - all these flights have flight numbers starting with additional 8. In this way they are marked as offering for tourists. There is no demand from exYu for these flights, only incoming tourist demand. The only exceptions (without "8") are ZAG and BEG.


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