PHOTOS: TAP returns to Zagreb after five years


Portugal’s national carrier TAP restored operations between Lisbon and Zagreb this week following a five-year hiatus. The airline will maintain three weekly flights between the two cities. “We are delighted to launch this new service to Zagreb, enabling Croats to visit Portugal this summer. Furthermore, these flights will allow for the Portuguese to travel nonstop to Zagreb, the Croatian coast and to Dubrovnik, instead of transferring via other European cities. Finally, this route strengthens Lisbon’s position as Europe’s best hub because the Zagreb flights are scheduled so as to connect onto our US and Africa network. Launching this service is also an important symbol of recovery for the aviation and tourism sectors”, Arik De, TAP Air Portugal’s Chief Revenue and Network Officer, said. Zagreb Airport’s Route Development Manager, Yavus Aytis, noted, “We are pleased to see TAP Air Portugal back in Zagreb after five years. This service will not only link two capital cities, but, thanks to TAP’s extensive network from Lisbon, will also provide seamless connectivity to the Americas and Africa, while connecting flights will also be available from Zagreb to the Croatian coast. The resumption of services between Zagreb and Lisbon will further strengthen Zagreb Airport’s position as the gateway to southeastern Europe”.


  1. TAP: one of the worst airlines in Europe.

    1. based on? my experiences with them are excellent

    2. absolutely incorrect. I flew TAP so many times, even back in 2007 when they flew ZAG Bologna LIS. Pretty decent overall. Their A330 neo is actually one of the best long haulers currently in Europe in terms of cost benefit analysis

  2. Vlad12:13

    Croatia will profit massively this summer from the rest of the EU dragging its feet with reopening. France only announced their tourist policy a few days ago, as did Spain. For instance, many of my American acquaintances have already booked their summer vacations in Dubrovnik as they have precious few days of vacation and didn't want to risk it by waiting for France and Italy to reopen.

  3. Anonymous17:29

    I am hoping for Ryanair flying to Lisbon...

  4. everything is fine but along two state national flags zagreb airport management sholud have displayed our joint European Union flag


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