Qatar Airways restores pre-pandemic Belgrade operations


Qatar Airways will restore its pre-pandemic frequencies between Doha and Belgrade from July 1. The airline will maintain daily flights between the two cities, with services operated by a mix of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. Qatar Airways currently runs four weekly rotations on the route. Last week it deployed its 283-seat Airbus A350-900 aircraft between the two cities due to strong demand.


  1. Anonymous15:10

    Wow this is great especially when you consider Bucharest/Sofia are still linked as one route, Skopje and Sarajevo are gone and Zagreb is 3 weekly.

  2. Anonymous16:54

    Demand there is, no wonder that JU is thinking about deploying the big bird to Dubai and many calling for Air Arabia to join in.

    1. Anonymous18:49

      Demand is not there for QR to fly double daily or to send widebody on some days. Same with Emirates replacing Flydubai from DXB. Wake me up when that happens.

    2. Anonymous19:00

      In summer 2019 Qatar already flew ten times a week . If not for Corona it surely would have been double daily this year.


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