Trade Air takes delivery of fifth jet


Croatian carrier Trade Air has taken delivery of its fifth passenger aircraft. The Airbus A319, formerly operated by FlyBosnia, is nineteen years old and carried the registration E7-FBA. Trade Air has been steadily expanding its fleet over the past few years and now boasts one Fokker 100, and three A320 jets, all of which are in service. Trade Air runs Public Service Obligation flights and ACMIs, as well as charter services from Ljubljana.


  1. Anonymous14:43

    This could be a great scheduled airline if they wanted to :)

  2. Anonymous14:48

    Will they keep this FlyBosnia livery?

    1. Anonymous14:59

      They probably need this plane for summer so when the seasons ends they will repaint it.

  3. I have stupid feeling that exyu aviators are able to take only aircraft from other dead exyu operator: AirSerbia from Adria, Trae air from Fly Bosnia. Why? There si a lack of aircraft on market?

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  5. Anonymous09:15

    Trade air will be huge this summer at PRN

  6. Anonymous18:39

    Not even the airline title ("FLYBOSNIA" letters) have been removed from the plane? LOL


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