Adria Airways HQ fails to sell


The headquarters of Slovenia’s former national carrier Adria Airways has failed to sell as part of the company’s bankruptcy proceedings. Built in 2009, the four-story building features almost 4.400 square metres and includes offices, classrooms, parking and a warehouse. It is located next to Ljubljana Airport. The starting price for the building was set at 4.1 million euros, without tax, with interested buyers requested to immediately deposit 205.000 euros. Adria Airways’ bankruptcy administrator, Janez Pustatičnik, said it would have been surprising for the sale to have been successful on its first attempt, noting the building would be put up for sale again, with its starting price likely to be reduced by 10%. He added there was interest from a foreign investor. So far, the bankruptcy administrator has successfully sold Adria Airways’ Air Operator's Certificate for 45.000 euros, the Adria Airways Flight School for 7.500 euros and the Adria Airways brand name for 33.000 euros.


  1. I think that flights to lju are results of the market here. It is what it is.

    1. Anonymous12:11

      Its also how capable management is in attracting airlines.

    2. Anonymous16:54

      The management doesn't attract airlines. The destination does.

    3. Anonymous16:56

      So why did Ryanair just started flying to ZAG this year and not earlier?

  2. Anonymous11:57

    Costs of building it?
    Is it the building fully furnished?

  3. Anonymous16:01

    No worries, bankruptcy administrator will “successfully” sell it, like he did aoc,school and brand...:)

  4. Anonymous19:11

    You are right, but cost will be so low, that it will be sad and funny at dame time.


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