Air Serbia and Luxair ink partnership


Air Serbia and Luxembourg’s national carrier Luxiar have signed a Special Prorate Agreement (SPA) after the latter commenced two weekly flights to Belgrade last month. The cooperation will enable better connectivity when traveling between Belgrade and Luxembourg, as well as easier access to destinations within Air Serbia’s network. Luxair passengers will have the opportunity to fly via Belgrade to Athens, Banja Luka, Podgorica and Skopje, while Air Serbia will enable its travellers to fly from cities in the region to Luxembourg via Belgrade, as well as the option to fly between these two cities through transit hubs such as Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Rome. Tickets under the SPA have been available for purchase since July 1.

Commenting on the agreement, Air Serbia’s General Manager Commercial and Strategy, Jiri Marek, said, “Thanks to a proactive approach and quick reactions, we have managed to establish a partnership with Luxair, shortly after it introduced nonstop flights between Belgrade and Luxembourg. We are happy that passengers of both airlines will have greater choice and flexibility when planning their trips. We remain focused on constant improvement of our services and the expansion of cooperation with our partners”. Luxair’s Commercial Director, Thomas Fischer, added, “We are delighted to develop our activity towards such a broad and important area of Eastern Europe through cooperation with Air Serbia. At Luxair, allowing communities to meet and generate commercial and cultural exchanges is our main goal. This agreement will allow the expatriated communities resident in Luxembourg to easily reach their homeland and the Luxembourgish community to discover the beauties and the heritage of the region”.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    This means little since you can't book these flights on Luxair's website.

    1. Anonymous13:24

      That's for now.

  2. Anonymous12:15


  3. The airport in Luxembourg has half the flights of BEG and the number of passengers is going to be low. But making a number of small agreements like these eventually add up and does increase connectivity.


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