Flydubai pushes back Zagreb launch


Flydubai has delayed its resumption of flights between Dubai and Zagreb for a fifth time, with the airline now planning to begin operations between the two cities on September 23. Services were initially to begin on December 27, 2020, but were moved to February 3, then May 3 before being scheduled for September 3. Once the flights resume on September 23, they will run four times per week with the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The airline plans to launch its new Dubai - Ljubljana service on September 24.


  1. Bookings to/from Ljubljana seems to be good. Prices in octobre are far from the cheapest fare.

  2. Anonymous14:34

    This is a bit of old news.....24SEP launch has been I believe set already a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, will be interesting to see if ZAG ops would be negatively affected by LJU. Maybe someone in the know has more insights of Slovenian pax contribution historically.

    1. Anonymous14:39

      They just changed the date this week!

    2. Without any proof or real data (just my personal experience) I would say that slovenians represent at least 25%-30% of pax on flights to DXB from ZAG (specially in the winter season).

    3. Anonymous15:21

      Well that is a lot. If this is the same case on ZAG-DOH, that means that there were at least 50-55k passengers on these two routes just from Slovenia. Plus all Slovenians flying from VIE, BTS, VCE. But yes, no proof for these numbers.

    4. Anonymous23:16

      It's definetly many pax. who are from slovenia. But I am very concidered about corona situation and launch of DXB-LJU :(

    5. Anonymous23:23

      They will probably move it to next year.

    6. I would be sure that 2 flights per week should work even with covid situation, as long as covid restrictions dont go back to obligatory quarantine.

  3. Anonymous07:59

    Lol, more like Sept 2023.


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