India’s IndiGo plans Belgrade charter flights


IndiGo is set to become the second Indian carrier to commence charters from New Delhi to Belgrade, following SpiceJet. The airline is currently planning to perform charters this week via Istanbul, catering for Indian travellers heading to the Serbian capital to undergo quarantine before being able to continue their onward journeys. The influx of Indian travellers has had a positive impact on scheduled carriers at Belgrade Airport. Qatar Airways has increased capacity on all its Belgrade flights this week to the Airbus A321 aircraft, while Lufthansa has scheduled up to four daily flights between Belgrade and Frankfurt next week, and up to six daily rotations overall once its double daily Munich service is included. Flydubai is next week operating double daily flights between Dubai and Belgrade. SpiceJet today launched its first of a series of charters from New Delhi to Belgrade via Yerevan.


  1. Anonymous10:33

    What I don't get is why isn't someone with a widebody launching these flights in stead of these LCCs with one stop flights? Air India could easily operate a non stop flight on the 788.

    1. Anonymous14:12

      Even if Air India starts flying, they will be using narrow body as long as business class demand is not satisfying. Its the key determinant whether they will use widebodies, even more important than distance.

  2. Anonymous10:36

    Dying in a den in Bombay
    With a slack jaw, and nothin’ much to say
    I said to the man, “Are you trying to tempt me
    Because I come from the land of plenty?”

    1. Anonymous16:42

      And he said:
      Oh! Do you come from a land down under?

    2. Anonymous17:24

      ^ Ha i know it!!
      Thats lyrics from "Down Under" song - one of the most popular songs in Australia.

    3. Anonymous19:22

      Not only in Australia but also worldwide .

    4. Anonymous00:20

      Made my day!

  3. Anonymous10:52

    I bumped into an Indian family in Novi Sad yesterday, they were driving a rented car and looking completely lost. I guess they want to use their time by traveling around Serbia.

  4. Anonymous12:13

    These guys are also vaccinated once they arrive and then they redo the PCR test after 4 days.

    Btw Serbia is about to start making the Sputnik V vaccine and first doses are about to be made.

  5. Anonymous14:10

    I am one of perhaps few Ex-Yu who used to fly 6E. 2 and a half hour domestic flight. Seat comfort is average, similar to that on easyJet. Legroom was OK, they dont take advantage of India peoples having lower average height than Europe. Also they dont seem to utilize jet bridges, only walking and bus gates.


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