IndiGo expands Belgrade charter operations


India’s IndiGo is extending its charter operations to Belgrade this summer. The carrier plans to commence charters from India’s third largest city of Bangalore this week, with more flights to be added in the coming period. Up until now, the airline has operated services from Delhi via Istanbul to the Serbian capital, catering for Indian expatriates needing to undergo mandatory quarantine before flying off to their country of residence. The flights are mostly used by Indian nationals living and working in the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Hong Kong.


  1. Anonymous10:53

    Such a shame they are not attracting regular tourists. I'm sure they could fill some more seats.

  2. Anonymous12:05

    Seems like these will be nonstop without technical break.

    1. Anonymous12:31

      No, it operates via Yerevan 6E8354

    2. Anonymous12:36

      Interesting that they replaced IST with EVN.

    3. Anonymous13:50

      Cheaper. Shorter taxi times. Less fuel on take-off.

    4. Anonymous15:26

      They are also fuller now so it's more difficult to reach IST even with A321neo

    5. Anonymous16:26

      Doesn't Indigo have any wide-body?

    6. Anonymous16:29

      None. They introduced nonstop flights to IST when they got the A321neo but that flight is close to 7 hours. Really pushing the plane's limits.

    7. Anonymous17:38

      They fly nonstop back from Belgrade to Delhi and Mumbai .
      The problem are the headwinds enroute to Europe .
      They barely reach Istanbul and when they started flying there they just arrived with the pax but without the baggage .
      Because with the baggage they wouldnt have made it .
      Dont know how they managed that in the meantime ...

  3. Anonymous20:58

    As we speak of charters-how is Flynas doing?
    Their first charter to Belgrade should have happened on monday...

    1. Anonymous09:00

      They have been operating flights for a few days now. Yesterday they had two flights.

    2. Anonymous18:08

      ^ Thanks, thats impressive !


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