Ryanair opens Zadar base


Ryanair has opened its new Zadar base today with the stationing of two aircraft. It will maintain 78 weekly flights across 37 routes from the coastal city - including seventeen new destinations. As peak summer season approaches, this will boost air traffic and the tourism industry in the region while vaccination programmes continue across Europe. Speaking at the opening of the new Zadar base, Ryanair’s Director of Marketing and Digital, Dara Brady, said, “We’re delighted to be in Croatia today for the reopening of our Zadar base. Air traffic is set to soar throughout the peak summer months of July and August as vaccination rollout programmes continue and with 37 routes to choose from, our Croatian customers have a host of popular European destinations for that much-deserved break”. Zadar Airport General Manager, Josip Klišmanić, noted, “The fact that Ryanair, Europe’s number one airline, is reopening its base in Zadar brings us much joy. Especially since it will connect Croatia to as many as 37 European destinations. In the last fourteen years, Ryanair has been Zadar airport’s most important partner. Coming back with the base and 37 routes, of which seventeen are new, in challenging times in which we must fight for every passenger is not just good news, but is a confirmation of our excellent cooperation with Ryanair”. Although the base is seasonal in nature, Ryanair recently said it would consider extending select routes into the winter if there is sufficient demand.


  1. Anonymous15:06

    Good for Zadar and Croatia!

  2. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

  3. Anonymous09:10

    Ryanair will go bankrupt by the winter!

    1. Hahahahahaha, I can't stop laughing


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