Salam Air boosts Sarajevo service


Omani carrier Salam Air will increase its frequencies between Muscat and Sarajevo, just a week after launching operations on the route. The carrier is introducing a second weekly rotation between the two cities, each Friday, due to strong demand. Services are currently scheduled to run until the end of the summer season in late October. Sarajevo is the only city in the former Yugoslavia to offer nonstop flights to Oman. This summer, a number of Gulf carriers are maintaining operations to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital city including Air Arabia, Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Jazeera Airways, Flydubai and Flynas.


  1. Anonymous11:22


  2. Anonymous11:25

    Jazeera diversifying its offer by adding Belgrade charters, Salam Air and the other Arab carriers should try the same.

    1. Anonymous11:43


    2. Anonymous12:39

      The passengers decide where to travel.

    3. Anonymous16:22

      They should try Zag as well

  3. Anonymous13:01

    Its just a matter of time before they add Belgrade from Muskat as the demand exists.

    Maybe Oman air will beat them to it?

  4. Anonymous13:56

    SJJ is definetely regional hub for Gulf cities

    1. Anonymous15:16

      In regard to middle eastern airlines SJJ is definitely the door opener for anywhere in the Balkans.
      Belgrade as an addition would make a lot of sense.
      Diversify or die!

  5. Anonymous16:05

    With the success of all of these Middle Eastern flights from Sarajevo, I can't wait to see the schedule for next summer! The number of flights will increase further, for sure!


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