Split Airport to see busiest month since September 2019


Split Airport is expected to handle over 300.000 passengers this month, making it its busiest since September 2019. The airport welcomed 264.000 travellers through its doors by the start of this week. Split Airport is currently Croatia’s busiest. During the month, Croatia Airlines offered the month flights from the country’s second largest city, followed by easyJet, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and Wizz Air. In terms of capacity, easyJet was the biggest carrier, followed by Croatia Airlines, Wizz Air and SAS. Most flights were offered to Zagreb, followed by Amsterdam, Paris and Munich. During the first half of the year, Split Airport handled 187.429 passengers.


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous12:25

    352.857 to be exact :)


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