Air Astana upgrades Podgorica service to year-round


Kazakhstan’s national carrier Air Astana has upgraded its new seasonal summer service from Almaty and Nur-Sultan to Podgorica to year-round operations. The airline will maintain flights from the two cities to Montenegro’s capital past October 31, when the 2021/2022 winter season begins. Services from Almaty will run twice per week, each Tuesday and Sunday, while flights from Nur-Sultan will operate once per week, on Wednesdays. Services will run for the duration of the winter season, until late March.


  1. Anonymous13:48


  2. Anonymous14:27

    This is quite impressive. Did not see Air Astana keeping flights over winter.

  3. Anonymous18:33

    They should fly to TIV, much more interesting for tourists

    1. Anonymous18:42

      Maybe they will add it.

  4. Anonymous20:22

    I dont think it will work out, but if it does it would be tremendous.
    Kudos to Air Astana for trying out something out of the box.


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