Air Montenegro sees strong start to operations


Air Montenegro handled 40.000 passengers during its first two months of commercial operations with a 70% average cabin load factor. The airline recorded two million euros in income. “Overall, our load factor on inbound flights to Montenegro stood at 90%, which is very impressive, both for our airline and for Montenegro as a destination as well. The Russian market remains closed for nonstop flights, hence, we were unable to launch operations to there. However, we continue to monitor development on the market and react depending on the situation”, the carrier’s CEO, Predrag Todorović, said. In addition to its scheduled network which includes Belgrade, Ljubljana, Banja Luka, Istanbul and Frankfurt, the airline also operated twenty charter flights from Yerevan, bringing Armenian tourists to Montenegro.


  1. Anonymous11:09

    Nice charter niche segment to Armenia.

  2. Anonymous12:09

    A rashodi 3 milona jura.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX13:33

    No wonder. MNE has a wonderful coast and its hotel infrastructure is top notch

  4. Anonymous20:31

    The Armenia charters surprise me.
    Thats out of the box thinking and good extra money.


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