Air Serbia to extend Russia operations


Air Serbia has decided to extend its operations to three destinations in Russia - Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, and Rostov-on-Don - past September. In a statement, the airline said, “Even though it was initially planned to operate these flights until the end of September, it was decided to continue them until the end of the summer season, i.e., until the end of October and subject to further developments regarding demand and travel restrictions, Air Serbia will decide on possibly maintaining these three routes during the forthcoming winter season, as well”. Air Serbia has operated nearly 500 flights and carried some 60.000 passengers between Belgrade and its four destinations in Russia since the start of the year. The average cabin load factor on the routes stands at over 80%. The airline continues to run eight weekly rotations to Moscow and two weekly each to St Petersburg, Krasnodar and Rostov. “We are happy with the success we have had with our services to the Russian Federation, as it indicates the promptness in adjusting to changes on the market. Rostov-on-Don is the third completely new destination in our network since the beginning of the pandemic, which is an additional reason to be satisfied with the results of this well-thought-out, but also very brave, decision. We continue to monitor the global situation and we react quickly to all changes in travel restrictions in order to use every opportunity and offer as many options as possible to our passengers”, Air Serbia’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, Jiri Marek, said.


  1. Anonymous10:51

    I still hope that N4 launches those ROV-BEG flights. I noticed that flights started selling, their flight on the 23rd of September is selling for 12.000 in stead of 10.000 so cheapest fares is gone.

    There is still so much room for expansion between Russia and Serbia.

    1. Anonymous13:31

      Kazan has already been mentioned, but Samara is also another good opportunity, and with more passengers than ROV pre-pandemic.

    2. Anonymous14:06

      Unforrtunately I doubt it will be allowed to them.

    3. Anonymous15:53

      N4 got its permission - it will fly to LEd and ROV

  2. Anonymous15:14

    What has Russia done in regards to recignizing foreign vaccine certificates?
    I remember someone here saying they do not recognize any certificates unless they are Russian.


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