Croatia Airlines developing new-look website


Croatia Airlines is redesigning its website, which will feature more options and a new payment system, in order to make the carrier more competitive. The new-look site will have improved functionality, emphasising different fares on different dates. “The new website will be responsive, ensuring a unique user experience regardless of the device with which it is accessed. The project also includes the implementation of a new payment system that will be used for online transactions, but also at the call centre and sales offices”, Croatia Airlines said. The first two and most important phases of the website’s redevelopment should be completed next month, while the entire project should be finalised during the first half of 2022.


  1. Vlad10:48

    OU redecorating the kitchen while the building is on fire.

    1. Anonymous15:51

      Croatia arilines rn.

  2. just another way how to pump out cash... stara priča.

  3. Air Serbia could do with a new website also, it is useless.


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