New Croatian start-up Fly Air41 gets AOC


Croatian start-up carrier Fly Air41 Airways has received an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the country’s authorities following a series of test flights, enabling it to launch operations. The airline registered its first aircraft in the country, an Airbus A319, as 9A-BER. It has been set up by the owner and CEO of German charter carrier Sundair. While it was initially announced the two airlines would be independent, they have now branded themselves as “sister carriers” with Fly Air41s first jet sporting Sundair’s livery. The airline’s first aircraft has now been stationed in Leipzig from which it has started operating leisure flights for German tour operators. The two airlines have said they will operate a “joint fleet” with two more A320s to join in the coming weeks. It is unclear whether the airline will make good on its initial plans to run charters from the Croatian coastline.


  1. Anonymous11:52

    So Sundair 2.0, without anything connected with Croatia? Sounds fishy

  2. Anonymous12:25

    like Easyjet Austria

  3. Anonymous15:44

    So essentially just a German charter airline that got Croatian AOC cause it’s cheaper.

    Could be a niche source of income for Croatian Aviation Authority.

  4. Anonymous16:50

    I'm sure Ryanair are panicking!


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