Turkish Airlines extends Belgrade wide-body operations


Turkish Airlines has extended operations between Istanbul and Belgrade with its wide-body Airbus A330-300 aircraft until the end of the 2021 summer season. Initially scheduled to operate the jet from June until late August, the Turkish carrier will now deploy the 289-seat jet on the Belgrade service each Wednesday morning until late October. The aircraft features 28 seats in business and the remaining 261 in the economy class section. Turkish Airlines is currently maintaining double daily flights on the route, which is in line with pre-pandemic frequencies.

Turkish Airlines A330-300 business class cabin

Turkish Airlines A330-300 economy class cabin


  1. Anonymous11:12

    Zašto JU ne pokrene letove za Istambul u prvom talasu,popodnevni let im je stalno pun?

    1. Anonymous11:17

      Током лета немају довољно капацитета а зими очигледно не желе ризиковати. Комотно могу увести зими један вечерњи лет петком или недељом. Има довољно локалаца којима би то одговарало.

      Мислим да је њихова логика: овако је ок, зашто ишта мењати или дирати.

      За то време ТК купи кајмак са одличним редом летења.

    2. Anonymous12:18

      Zato što IstaMbul ne postoji

    3. Anonymous12:34

      хехе како сте вицкасти Анон 12.18 ... још би били симпатичнији да сте човеку одговорили на питање.

  2. Anonymous13:24

    Surprised they weren't blocked by CAD, as is normally the case.

    1. Anonymous13:39

      They probably realized that they need to take a chill pill especially since these kind of flights bring a lot of foreign tourists to Serbia.

  3. Ju ide vise na tranzitiranje preko Beg a Tk na tranzitiranje do Beg preko Ist


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