Turkish Airlines schedules wide-body Skopje flights


Turkish Airlines has scheduled several flights between Istanbul and Skopje with its wide-body Airbus A330-200 aircraft in August and September. The 281-seat jet, featuring 22 seats in business class and the remaining 259 in economy, will be deployed between the two cities on August 18, September 5, September 8, September 12 and September 15 in response to strong demand. 


  1. Turkish dominates in the Balkan, and they deserve it.

    1. How exactly does Turkish dominate in the Balkans? If we take SKP, even AUA has a larger daily capacity than THY, the five single daily rotations in all planned with A330-200 don't change that. THY is certainly big on most markets in the Balkans but dominating? I don't think so :)

    2. Anonymous12:05

      Perhaps, Victor's post can be modified in that THY dominates in the Balkans with the quality of its product?*
      *except for those countries which also have flights with QR

    3. Well, it depends on your definition of quality. If you mean onboard service, you're probably right. To me, however, the number of frequences and realistic options of getting where you want to get more or less without too much delay in case your flight is cancelled is more important. If we talk specifically about SKP, I always go with AUA because they have two daily rotations.

    4. Anonymous09:11

      Yes, my point was about their onboard experience, but, to your point: TK also has 2 daily rotations out of SKP, and if we leave behind the fact that it has more destinations globally than probably any other carrier, meaning you can land in the remotest country with just 1 stop in IST, it also has more destinations than OS in Europe.

    5. THY currently has only one daily rotation to and from SKP, you can check it on Flightradar. And sure, THY has a much larger international outreach than AUA but the starting point of this discussion was the claim that THY was dominating the Balkans, not which airline could get you to Ghana or Guinea-Bissau the fastest :)

  2. Anonymous14:38

    SKP is really thriving this year.

  3. Anonymous16:56

    Many other flights are with the A321

  4. Anonymous11:22

    THY will starts a new year-round service to TIV, from S22 (4x weekly service). Part of the existing flights from Podgrioca will be relocated to TIV, because pax demand and pax structure (60% pax is from Tivat,Kotor and Budva area)


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