Bosnian air traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels


Air traffic in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s airspace is continuing to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, with the volume of flights handled in August reaching 80% of pre-pandemic levels. This has been complemented by a notable increase in the number flights at the majority of the country’s international airports. It is estimated Bosnia and Herzegovina will reach 84% of pre-pandemic traffic this month, while up to 95% could be achieved at the start of October. "Although certain corrections could be made in regard to these forecasts, it is encouraging data for us. It is difficult to give long-term estimates, because we do not know how the pandemic will evolve across the world and what sort of restrictive measures could be implemented in regard to air transport. In any case, for both airliners and the entire industry, this year will be far better than the previous one", the head of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Traffic Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA), Davorin Primorac, said.


  1. Anonymous11:24

    Good to see. I think BiH market will be outperforming pre-Covid era very soon.

  2. Waiting to see August on Sarajevo Airport.

  3. Anonymous09:08

    It would of been record breaking if countries didn't have such ridiculous Covid rules.

    1. Globolists are evil.
      Here in Bosnia, life is good at the moment.


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