India’s SpiceJet expands Belgrade charter program


Low cost carrier SpiceJet, which has been operating special flights to Belgrade throughout the summer catering for Indian expatriates needing to undergo mandatory quarantine before flying off to their country of residence, will commence a series of charters from Amritsar, in the country’s north starting September 15. Charters, operated by both SpiceJet and IndiGo, have so far included flights from New Delhi and Bangalore. The services are primarily used by Indian nationals living and working in the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Hong Kong. The influx of Indian travellers has had a positive impact on scheduled carriers at Belgrade Airport including Qatar Airways, Flydubai, Lufthansa, Air Serbia, LOT Polish Airlines, KLM, Air France and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi.


  1. Anonymous14:14

    But I thought these India flights from Amritsar are a technical stop on their way to Toronto? Or are these operated by another airline?

    1. Anonymous14:17

      It is unrelated and those flights to Toronto listed on the BEG website are not actually happening.

    2. Anonymous14:18

      Why not my friend? What happened to them?

    3. Anonymous14:20

      Well they obviously didn't manage to organize them. And it would not have been a technical stop either. The point is that Indian passengers need to get tested in another country. So just landing somewhere and taking off straight after is not enough.

    4. Anonymous14:26

      How does it work now that Serbia is on the red list? I guess most of them get vaccinated here in Serbia since we are not an extremely high risk country so quarantine is not mandatory upon arrival.

    5. Anonymous14:29

      EU red list has nothing to do with Indians going to the US, Canada, the UAE etc.

    6. Anonymous14:43

      Indian citizens do not get vaccinated here - this is exactly the same situation as spring last year when you couldn't go to the States if you had been in the Schengen area two weeks prior. So right after the lockdown Belgrade was swarming with French, Italian and German citizens. However, since they come from "good" countries no one was saying they are bringing COVID into the country.

    7. Anonymous15:18

      Thank you for the explanation Anon 14.43.
      I wonder why someone like AI didn't introduce flights to BEG, scheduled ones and offered connections from their entire domestic network.

  2. Anonymous15:15

    Does anyone know the frequencies of these flights and load factors?

  3. Anonymous22:13

    Bravo India!


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