Ljubljana Airport reaches 17% of pre-pandemic traffic


Ljubljana Airport handled 73.056 passengers in August, representing a decrease of 65.4% on the same month two years ago, prior to the pandemic and Adria Airways’ bankruptcy. During the month, the airport saw 2.192 aircraft movements. Over the January - August period, Slovenia’s main airport welcomed 208.541 travellers through its doors, which is less than it did for the whole of August of 2019. Overall, its passenger figures are still down 83.7% compared to the pre-pandemic era, however, its results are improving on a monthly basis.


  1. Anonymous11:58

    EU presidentship
    5mil additional funds direct to fraport
    5 mil to support the airlines operating to LJU
    TOTAL 10 mil EUR invested
    Return on investment = 17% of prepandanemic traffic

    To get back to 100% Slovenia has to finance aviation sector at 60mil EUR/year.

    So is this that controllable cost that everybody is talking about ?

    1. Anonymous13:34

      For more than half less we could have our own carrier...

    2. Anonymous19:56

      They would just give those 100million € back in 2019 and than cover regurarly small loses that adria made. And traffic would be over 50% of pre pandemis levels this days.

    3. Anonymous21:44

      Fraport issued a statement in which it said the 75.5% stake was valued at EUR 177.1m
      Buying back Airport 100% 235.6m ++EUR and lowering taxes to the minimum or
      Similar subsidies like SKP:
      40 routes x 40000 EUR per new route= 1.6m EUR
      2.0m PAX x 9 EUR per pax= 18m EUR
      18+1.6= 19.6m EUR first year
      16m EUR second year
      14m EUR third year
      49.6m over 3 years= 2.0m PAX or
      starting new airline or
      Slovenian tax payer flying from ZAG, TRS, KLU, VCE, TSF or
      letting the market deciding the future of the airport

    4. Anonymous10:10

      You have to correct the numbers, everything is low. PAX is 90 eur

      Amongst European low-cost airlines, Ryanair and EasyJet had the lowest cost per passenger in 2020, with 90 euros per passenger. This is almost three times more than the average cost per passenger reported in 2019

    5. Anonymous10:11


    6. Anonymous11:05

      I think he meant how much airport is giving to Wizz...

    7. Anonymous12:45

      40000 EUR is aircraft positioning and depositioning cost.

      Wizzair cost per pax is 124 EUR
      A320 has config for 180 pax per plane
      Average cost per flight is 22,320 EUR

      Wizzair break even load factor is 80 % = 144 PAX
      Wizzair brake even load factor with 9 EUR per pax addon = 73% = 131

      This means that Wizzair did do a study of proposed routes to and from SKP and was confident that they will achieve minimum yearly load factor of 73% = 131 PAX per flight.

      Can you see the problem why this cannot be directly applied from SKP to LJU ?

    8. Anonymous13:09

      Additional info
      Average load factor in LJU is 60%.
      Average aircraft pax capacity is in range of 144 pax.

      So expect requested PAX addon at least in a range of 30-35 EUR /PAX

    9. Anonymous02:34

      Then LH, LX, AF, BA, IB, LO, HV will have even more transfer pax, good for them.

  2. Anonymous11:58

    2020/21 was really horrible for Ljubljana. But even with this slow rate of recovery, numbers for 2022 should be above 1 million again.

    1. Anonymous12:02

      How ? magic ? or is this Noah's logic "If You Build It, They Will Come"

    2. Anonymous12:03

      I would not be so bold with this expectations. You are forgetting that there are no more transfer passengers in LJU. And they were counted twice for each transfer.

    3. Anonymous12:12


      Slovenia had issues with covid that spiralled out of control, things are still bit of a mess. Many travel restrictions still in place, including stringent air travel restrictions which puts pressure on figures. In Slovenia you need to have negative test before travel and certificate of double vaccination on top of that you also need to do pcr test on the arrival. This puts massive strain on travel, most Slovenes do not need to fly as they can drive or take train anywhere locally. For places like Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro, to get in you really need to fly in as locals don’t travel much.

    4. Anonymous12:56

      If this is true we should close LJU and MBX as they do not generate any added value to Slovenias population.

    5. Anonymous13:31

      @anon 12:12

      what a nonsense!! Slovenians do travel but unfortunatelly they are forced to use flights from ZAG/TRS/VCE/VIE due to lack of flights at airport Ljubljana.

    6. Anonymous14:44


      There are quite a few flights out of Ljubljana, just that most require you to do pcr test before travel, proof of double vaccination and all this costs €30-40 on top of any ticket, same with the flights out of Zagreb. Most people in Zagreb area and Slovenia can just jump in their car and drive to Munich, Vienna, Milano and so on, less hustle and less worrying to do and cheaper too.

    7. Anonymous15:24

      Quite a few? How many flights we have in "rush hour" between 6:30 and 8:30 ? Some people still does not understand that only putting a flight in the system is not enough to improve connectivity. It's crucial in which time range is that flight and LJU is not doing good in that part.

    8. Anonymous16:32


      As already pointed out, pandemic is on, there are limits of how many flights there are, it'll take time before noumbers recover to pre-2019 level.

    9. Anonymous18:15

      Of course there is pandemic, but it is on airport/country level how you will solve problem with that. And Slovenia is doing worse than anyone...

  3. Anonymous13:19

    Oh, those stringent restrictions that no other EU country had? Like requiring a PCR test for entering Slovenia or wearing a face mask? Wait, every EU country had those so I'm not sure which ones you are referring to.

    What if, maybe, just maybe, the piss poor results have something to do with Adria no longer flying. I know it's a far fetched idea, but maybe I'm on to something :D.

    1. Anonymous13:33

      We don't need Adria they said, market will take of itself! 17% LOL

    2. Anonymous14:48

      These tests are EU required, reason why noumbers across the EU are still low, aviation sector is struggling. I still don’t understand how some airports in Balkans can have decent pax noumbers considering covid is still massive problem for airports and airliners across the world.

    3. Anonymous15:21

      Everywhere they require test, even on Balkan...

  4. Anonymous14:08

    Right now Slovenia has the highest covid rate (new cases in the last 2 weeks for 100000 people) among all the EU countries. All kinds of tourist accomodations prices went up min 40% up to 200% compared to 2019. Most of the business meetings can be done remotely so not a surprise.

    1. Anonymous15:19

      Are you aware that this decrease if for period January - August and not for last two weeks? In August we had 35% decrease on top of the season and in addition we are running presidency of EU while some airports already had more passengers comparing to Aug19.

      Searching for excuses will not justify incompetent managers of Fraport LJU.

    2. Why do some of you guys hate LJU so much?

    3. Anonymous19:02

      We do not hate LJU. We hate people who run this airport.

  5. Anonymous19:45

    Er Serba yesterday announced network cuts from INI, which means no flights to LJU. Different winter.


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