LOT extends Skopje, Podgorica service into winter season


LOT Polish Airlines will be restoring year-long flights from its hub in Warsaw to both Skopje and Podgorica this coming winter season, which begins October 31. The carrier has confirmed to EX-YU Aviation News it has decided for flights to be performed to both cities over the winter months, with online ticket sales now available. Both destinations will be maintained three times per week. LOT last ran year-long services to the Macedonian and Montenegrin capitals prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Within the former Yugoslavia, the carrier will also maintain operations over winter to Belgrade, Ljubljana and Zagreb, along with Skopje and Podgorica. Although entry into Poland remains restrictive for citizens from third countries, transit within 24 hours is permitted with a confirmed onward ticket.


  1. Anonymous11:05

    Great news

  2. Anonymous12:33

    super. In August they used 737 on 3 of their 5× weekly to SKP (for the first time)

    1. Anonymous14:03

      True, sometimes they used it four times a week. Skopje Airport is going to have great winter season, with more routes then in 2019!

  3. Anonymous09:23

    Montenegro keeps winning!


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